don't really know how you managed to come to my side.

quite funny because... yeah.. you could also sit in front of facebook or some online games. or just ignoring the world around you.

but as i see you've decided to come to my page.


i think i will be at boarding school at this moment.

because.. i just visit this page when i'm there and i've got nothing to do. bit of wasting time.


yeah.. i think you've already noticed that my english is very bad.. but i think as long as you understand me we won't have any problems..

so now i will give you a short view behind the curtain of my more or less exciting and nice life.. :]


enjoy it..

greez fesa* 

.3 doors down. - .let me go.
.3 doors down. - .let me go.

stop staring you're the reason i feel so unhappy all the time!

[blue october]